A Playful Couples Photoshoot in Austin, TX // Brooke and Gavin


November 23, 2022

Paige Graham

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If you are new around here, you may not know that I just moved to Austin, TX since my husband is out of the country for an entire year! (Read about it here!) It’s been one month since moving to Austin, and I have been on the hunt for amazing photoshoot locations, like the one in this session. Brooke and Gavin’s couples photoshoot took place at an amazing rooftop location right here in Austin. The goal for their session was to express their true style and they definitely nailed it.

woman smiling at man while holding hands, couple photographer

Gavin and Brooke wanted a couples photoshoot that reflected their style and personality. Of course, I was all in! It doesn’t get more fashionable than a jean jacket with a white tee and dark pants. Brooke gave major California fall vibes with her crop top and flannel combination. Both Gavin and Brooke brought their styles together by wearing the same shoes but different colors matching their outfits. Capturing couples who want to express their true selves is something that I live for. This is actually something I highly recommend. Being 100% yourself during your photoshoot will only create the best memories with the best photos to go along.

Gavin and Brooke’s session took place at a local parking garage that gave the best background of the Texas State Capitol. Brooke and Gavin’s couples photoshoot was full of happiness, funny moments, and amazing sceneries that we all strive for during our sessions!

In these photos from Gavin and Brooke’s session, you can see how happy and how much fun they had while creating these memories. They danced, snuggled, and laughed until we ran out of light. If you want to go for a more casual but edgy look, parking garages can make for suuuper cute photos! But only if that’s your vibe.

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