7 Things to Consider When Planning a Desert Elopement


December 9, 2022

Paige Graham

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From destination elopements in Italy to beach elopements and restaurant parties, there are so many different locations to consider when looking for your elopement location. No matter what aesthetic you crave, there is the perfect location to follow. If you picture cacti and boho flair, a desert elopement might be the perfect solution for your day of.

Desert elopements are typically located in the Southwestern area of the United States. California, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, and Oregon are well-known areas in the United States. Known for their sandy dunes and mountain backdrops.

If you are considering having a sandy, cactus-filled elopement, you have come to the right place! Read on and find out everything you need to know about desert elopements featuring a special and unique elopement with Aysia and Brandon. From the best months to plan to tips on making your day-of celebration go smoothly.


Being a wedding photographer in Texas, I have the luxury of experiencing all the seasons. Some things you may want to consider for your summer or desert elopement would be making sure to have shade, drink lots of water, wear sunscreen, and dry shampoo your hair ahead of time!

Aysia made sure to wear a little brim hat to keep the sun from her face. But even if you decide to wear a stylish hat, you should still apply sunscreen. I recommend Supergoop’s Powder Sunscreen to reapply on top of your makeup throughout the day. Also, be sure to apply dry shampoo to your hair to prevent sweaty hair. Maybe even consider giving baby portable fans to your guests if you plan on being in the heat for your ceremony!

More Travel.

Unless your elopement is taking place in Las Vegas or Palm Springs, many desert wedding venues are off the beaten path. This potentially means more expensive flights to small airports and longer travel with few options for routes, timing or connections. You may have fewer RSVP’s due to this complicated and expensive travel.

Fewer Vendor Options.

You might be surprised to find fewer vendor options as well. Smaller towns mean you could have limited options for catering, bakers, and even DJs. Talking with your planner is going to be the key to success here. Helping you prepare for any surprises and finding vendors that fit your vision.

The Natural Views.

Deserts have a very unique terrain that is so popular for weddings and elopements. The desert provides an unreal backdrop you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Between the palm trees, the magnificent mountains, and cacti in every corner, deserts are one of the most magnificent places to say “I do”. Giving your elopement a vacation feel.

Easily Adaptable.

You wouldn’t believe how many locations you could choose from in the desert. From the traditional desert backdrop to plenty of mid-century modern architecture, you can transform your venue to suit your needs with ease.

Less Chance of Rain.

Less rain and temperate weather give you even more reason to plan your elopement in the desert! The predictability of rain makes the desert a great location for your cactus-filled elopement. Although it doesn’t rain much, you should still have a backup plan and discuss it with your planner.

Best Time of Year to Plan A Desert Elopement.

Summer is likely not the best time for an outdoor desert elopement. Especially if you aren’t able to handle the heat! If you plan on having an outdoor elopement, the best months would have to be October through April. You could expect only the best weather!

All in all. Not every elopement has to be cookie cutter, for this one we frolicked through the streets of palm springs and had the best day. Aysia and Brandon both spent time in Palm Springs in college. It was a super special place to them. Traditionally couples have their wedding in a city where one was born and raised, but sometimes mixing things up and having your wedding/elopement in a different city can be even more meaningful. I love that this couple broke the rules and did something that felt right to them.

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