Ways to Add More Meaning To Your Wedding Day


December 17, 2022

Paige Graham

bride and groom sharing authentic moment at their austin texas wedding

Anakay and Cameron // Katy, TX

While choosing your color palette and even your wedding dress can be seen as adding meaning to your wedding day, there are other things you should consider. Anakay and Cameron had a gorgeous wedding that included small details to bring together their love for each other. Take notes from their beautiful wedding, which included their small dog, Juicy, who stole the show!

Something I would love to see during your wedding day is bringing your dog along to celebrate with everyone. Anakay and Cameron have a small chihuahua named Juicy who is hilarious and adorable. Juicy joined Anakay while she got ready for her big day, which made the entire day funny and memorable. Adding small details like this to your ceremony will make for the most meaningful time. It also makes your wedding day more tailored to you and your fiancé. Showing off the small or big family you already have and sharing these experiences with your guests.

The Ceremony

Anakay and Cameron’s ceremony took place in Katy, Texas at a Catholic Church. They both wanted to incorporate their ceremony at the church in their wedding photos because it’s a meaningful aspect of their marriage and families. Because there is a ceremony, church weddings usually take longer. So, if you are hiring a photographer, I recommend booking them for 10-12 hours instead of the usual 8 for your big day. It’s important because we don’t want to be rushed while trying to capture every moment of your big day!

After returning to the venue, we all snuck away to take amazing photos of the bride and groom in front of a classic Rolls Royce. This is another great example of adding important details to your wedding day. Renting a super nice classic car and using it to take the best photos! Anakay and Cameron drove in style while heading back to their venue from the church. AND we got some awesome editorial-styled wedding photos!

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